Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Comprehensive Examination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Comprehensive Examination - Essay Example is a renowned philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose thoughts, teachings, and ideas have been very influential on the American society as well as around the world (Neil, 2005). John Dewey believed that learning needs to be active and not long and restrictive. He believed that children could learn much more if things were aught on a practical basis rather than only theories. Dewey has written a number of works in various subjects however his most famous subject is education. Dewey has won a number of awards like the Doctor â€Å"Honoris Causa† from university of Oslo, Pennsylvania, Yale and Rome and he has also won Copernican Citation in 1943. Dewey’s theory was presented in ‘My Pedagogic Creed’ (1897). According to Dewey education is a necessity of life and every person starts learning right from the time of birth. A teacher plays a very important role in the educational system. It is up to the teacher to help stimulate the child’s powers by ensuring the child faces a social situation which stimulates the child’s powers. It is essential that the teacher understands the need for a student to be a part of the social society, and that the person being educated is a social individual and is a part of the society which is an organic union of individuals (Emand, 2000). If any one of these are eliminated it would cause a very bad effect on the child’s education as well as the life of the individual. According the Dewey’s theory it is always better to make children study in a more practical way rather than in a standard classroom structure where the students thoughts are limited and the students are not given a chance to bloom and bring out fresher ideas. As he has already mentioned it is also possible to teach children maths by learning proportions in cooking or even time limits in travelling between places by a mule can help children develop their mathematics skills. Also the teaching structure for this type of education would require

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